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Balance training on six levels

6 in 1 - the new ARTZT vitality Wobblesmart is a wooden therapy top with a non-slip tread surface, the non-slip contact surface on the underside of which can be adjusted to six positions with a simple turning movement: from a large diameter (for beginners) to a small diameter (maximum instability).

Wobblesmart is mainly used in prevention (children, seniors), in rehabilitation after injury and in sports for performance training.

Also stable during upper body training

The new Wobblesmart has two recessed grips, so that you can also do demanding exercises in support in addition to conventional balance training. So you not only train your arms or chest, but also challenge the supporting deep muscles at the same time.

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Product features

  • Rutschfester Verstellmechanismus an der Unterseite sorgt für mehr Sicherheit beim Training
  • Garantie: 24 Monate
  • maximale Belastbarkeit: 120 kg


wood (surface), plastic (variable underside)


Diameter: 39cm
Height between 65 mm (level 1) and 80 mm (level 6)

Scope of delivery

1 x wobble smart


Care instructions

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    Made in Germany

    Regional final production in medium-sized companies

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    Sustainable product

    Made from natural raw materials

Frau steht im Ausfallschritt mit dem rechten Fuß auf dem ARTZT vitality Wobblesmart XL


Did you know that balance training can reduce the frequency of falls and secondary injuries?

When you train with Wobblesmart, you also have to keep your balance during each exercise.

This also strengthens the muscles and promotes stability, so you can stand safely with both feet in life.

Portraitbild von Prof. Dr. Urs Granacher | ARTZT vitality

"The ARTZT vitality Wobblesmart therapy gyroscope can be used to gradually increase BTD (balance task difficulty) in balance training. These findings could be helpful to optimise individual balance training programmes in the areas of rehabilitation and athletic development."

Prof. Dr Urs Granacher, Head of the Chair of Exercise and Movement Science at the University of Potsdam


Wobblesmart is produced entirely in Europe. This benefits the quality: material composition and manufacturing processes have been optimised, making Therapiekreisel even better and more robust.

The final assembly takes place in our own wooden factory.

  • Portrait Felix Artzt

    Felix Artzt

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