Collection: Yoga and Pilates: for a conscious and sustainable lifestyle

Do you love exercise and want to bring your body and mind into harmony with yoga and Pilates? Here you will find everything you need for an effective and fulfilling workout. From sturdy yoga mats to practical yoga blocks and versatile Pilates balls - we have just the right thing for you.

Our products are not only characterized by their quality and durability, but also by their sustainable approach. Many of our items, such as the yoga blocks, are made from 100% natural Portuguese cork. This material is not only environmentally friendly, but also offers you excellent stability and a pleasant grip during your exercises.

Yoga mats: your basis for safe and comfortable practices

A good yoga mat is the foundation of every yoga practice. Our yoga mats offer you perfect cushioning and non-slip properties so that you can fully concentrate on your exercises. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, with our yoga mats you will experience a new dimension of comfort and stability.

Yoga blocks: support and lengthen your movements

Reach new levels of flexibility with the natural cork yoga block . They provide support for challenging poses and help you improve your alignment, while promoting a safe and ergonomic practice that prevents injuries and provides optimal support for your body.

P ilates balls: versatility and fun for your training

Pilates balls are the perfect accessory to make your exercises more varied and effective. They promote the stability of your core and help you to target the deeper muscles. With these balls you can improve your balance, strength and flexibility in a fun way.

Together for sustainable training

At ARTZT vitality, we place great importance on sustainability and environmentally conscious action. That's why many of our products are made from recyclable materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing. This way, you can enjoy your training while contributing to protecting our planet.

Immerse yourself in the world of yoga & Pilates with ARTZT vitality. With the right equipment and a sustainable approach, you will become more flexible, relaxed and balanced. Your body and the environment will thank you!