Collection: Fitness Equipment by ARTZT vitality

If you want to combat pain, strengthen your muscles, improve your movement or simply do something for your health, you've come to the right place. At ARTZT vitality you will find fitness equipment that you can use to keep yourself fit and healthy every day. Classics such as the well-known fitness band are also part of the range, as is the extraordinary Bioswing oscillating rod .

We want to help you help yourself. That's why you'll find the right fitness band exercises , back exercises , fascia exercises and more for almost every ARTZT vitality product. You can always find valuable tips for your health, e.g. for lumbago , slipped discs , back pain or high blood pressure, in the vitality BLOG .

Our path to more sustainability

Did you know that most of ARTZT vitality's fitness equipment is produced in the EU or even Germany? The cork fascia roller, for example, is produced entirely in Portugal. The cork used for this is harvested by hand and then pressed. The cork oak is not felled. You can find out exactly how this works on our topic page Sustainably fit with ARTZT vitality .

Wooden fitness equipment such as the TriggerHolz , the Wobblesmart therapy top or the balance board are even assembled entirely by hand in Germany. This saves transport costs and gives us control over the supply chains.

Admittedly, it's not possible at the moment without international production partners. We currently source plastic products, such as fitness tires or exercise mats , from the Far East. But: Our TheraBand Atlernative, the exercise band PLUS , is completely produced in Switzerland. The stability trainer is produced entirely in our region, at Lebenshilfe Limburg Diez eV . You see: We are constantly working to ensure that our product range comes 100% from Europe.

There is a long road ahead of us, for which we unfortunately have little time. We are continuously working on gradually converting our product range completely to environmentally friendly and climate-neutral production using natural materials. This is the path we want to continue to pursue with ARTZT vitality. Together with you, if you want.

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Your Felix ARTZT