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Loop Band Set

Loop Band Set

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All 3 loop bands in a set

This set includes all three available resistance levels of the versatile mini band: Light (green), Medium (blue) and Heavy (grey). So you are guaranteed to find the right resistance level for your training level or, depending on the area of application, you can design your training to be completely individual and versatile.

What is the ARTZT vitality Loop Band?

The loop band is a closed mini band that is perfect for training small muscle chains. This includes, for example, your thighs or upper arms. But it can also cause more stress during training with full-body exercises such as leg raises or upper body rotation.

The carefully developed fitness band has a length of 32 centimeters and can be used flexibly for many different exercises. A textile material is processed here, which ensures greater training comfort. At the same time, the textiles used are particularly skin-friendly and have a pleasant feel even after prolonged use.

Optimum stretch properties

The textile bands from ARTZT vitality are not only characterized by their particularly soft feel, but also by their extraordinary stretchability. Most textile straps can only be stretched as far as the textile cover will allow. In our bands, the polyester fabric and the elastic latex are so finely woven together that almost the optimal stretch properties of a latex band are achieved.

The special weave structure also prevents your skin from coming into contact with the processed latex. So even allergy sufferers can use the ARTZT vitality textile straps without hesitation.

How is the ARTZT vitality Loop Band used?

With these properties, the loop band is ideal for your workout. And because it's so small, you can use it particularly well for home training in your own four walls. Use the Loop Band for:

  • Home workout
  • mobility training
  • athletic training
  • stretching

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Product features

  • Alle drei Stärken in einem Set
  • Weiche, angenehme Haptik
  • Maximaler Trainingskomfort dank einzigartigem Textilmaterial
  • Für Allergiker geeignet, da kein Hautkontakt mit Latex stattfindet
  • Geprüfte Materialien durch STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® sowie REACH und RoHS konform


Natural rubber, polyester fabric



Scope of delivery

1 x loop tape green
1 x loop band blue
1 x loop band grey

Care instructions

Washable (60°) with standard detergents

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