About ARTZT vitality

For the love of sport and health

You love exercise and a healthy lifestyle? Then you love ARTZT vitality. We want to help you maintain and promote your lifestyle. To do this, we offer you the best quality training equipment that will accompany you on your way for life. That is the quintessence of our experience from over 40 years of experience and know-how in sports and health.

Maximum quality and functionality based on the latest research in sports science and medicine. The materials used are carefully checked and selected for each piece of fitness equipment. Wherever possible, we use sustainable materials that last a long time and still have as little impact on our environment as possible. 

Stay fit sustainably

People and the environment are the focus of our actions. For years, we have focused on sustainable and fair production of fitness equipment. Here, we have every production step in our own hands for almost all items.

Many products are produced in Germany or Europe and finished, refined and packaged in local companies. The raw materials used are of natural origin and recyclable. They are characterised by their long durability, resistance and pleasant feel.

At ARTZT vitality, packaging consists exclusively of recycled and non-foiled paper. We also use potato peelings as packaging material and we make multiple use of cardboard boxes and outer packaging whenever possible.

We avoid the use of cardboard boxes and outer packaging whenever possible.

We try to avoid the use of plastic. Products are assembled and packaged in-house or in nearby Lebenshilfe workshops. In this way, we help to conserve limited resources and reduce the burden on our environment.

We go our own way. Will you come with us?

High-quality and natural raw materials, durable and recyclable materials and products that are harmless to our environment and people's health. For several years now, we have been purposefully and responsibly pursuing the path of true sustainability: at the corporate level, the product level and the social level.

Fair working and production conditions of our manufacturers and suppliers from harvesting to further processing are just as much a part of this attitude as an appreciative corporate culture at our company headquarters. A large proportion of our products are now made from the renewable and natural raw materials wood, cork and natural rubber, and some of them are hand-finished in workshops for people with disabilities.