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Fitness Band PLUS

Fitness Band PLUS

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The new standard in resistance training

The ARTZT vitality exercise band PLUS is a new type of fitness band for training and rehabilitation that meets the highest standards of quality and handling. As a latex-free fitness band, it is made of polyisoprene, a synthetic material used in modern medical technology. It is elastic and stable like natural latex, but has little odor and is allergy-friendly. There is also no need for care with powder. This makes the band, made in Switzerland, the perfect companion in the areas of CrossFit, strength training, stretching, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

A major innovation compared to ordinary exercise bands is the special structure of the band fabric. It is not smooth, but has a honeycomb-like pattern. This ensures a firmer grip on the skin and makes the fitness aid significantly more robust. Sweaty full-body workouts through to high-performance exercises can be carried out powerfully - without the risk of slipping. Multiple wrapping around hands and feet is no longer necessary. This gives a safer feeling during training and guarantees a long service life.

Safe for every workout

The ARTZT vitality exercise band PLUS is available in a set with two resistance levels: The blue, lighter band is the all-rounder for leisure and sport, the black one is particularly suitable for demanding muscle and athletic training. With a length of 2.50 meters, the bands have an optimal training length and thus countless possible uses.

Thanks to the included loop, the fitness bands can be easily and securely anchored to suitable fixed points in order to further multiply the exercise options. The enclosed exercise instructions will help you with this.

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Product features

  • Enorme Haltbarkeit trifft auf ideale Dehnungseigenschaften
  • Maximaler Grip dank revolutionärem Strukturgewebe für bestes Handling bei den Übungen
  • Die beiliegende ARTZT vitality Schlaufe ermöglicht eine Fixierung des Bandes und erweitert so die Trainingsmöglichkeiten
  • Puderfrei
  • Hergestellt in der Schweiz




Each 2.50 mx 11 cm

Scope of delivery

1 x blue ribbon, 1 x black ribbon, 1 x loop, 1 x printed exercise guide

Care instructions

The ARTZT vitality exercise band PLUS does not require any special care and can be easily cleaned of dust, dirt and sweat residue.

If necessary, it can be rinsed with tap water and a mild soap or machine washed at max. 40 degrees in a laundry bag.

The tape should dry flat and as it is synthetic material it does not need to be powdered.

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    Made in Europe

    For short transport routes and the best possible working conditions

Mann trainiert im Stand beide Schultern mit dem schwarzen ARTZT vitality Übungsband PLUS.


The PLUS exercise band is available in 2 strengths:

  • Blue: therapy and prevention training, all-rounder for leisure and sports | band thickness: 0.4 mm
  • Black: demanding strength and athletic training | band thickness: 0.55 mm

The tensile strengths are 2.9 kg (blue) and 3.9 kg (black) at 100% stretch.

You get both bands in a set. The included loop provides even more variety for your workout.

Nahaufnahme des ARTZT vitality Übungsband PLUS


The PLUS exercise band is made of 100 percent polyisoprene, which is also used in medical technology. Not cheap rubber, but high-quality, durable material that is very easy to clean and enormously tear-resistant.

This increases the lifespan and ensures less waste.


In which strengths is the PLUS exercise band available?

The PLUS exercise band is available in 2 strengths in a set:

  • Blue: therapy and prevention training, all-rounder for leisure and sport | band thickness: 0.4 mm
  • Black: demanding strength and athletic training | band thickness: 0.55 mm

What accessories are included?

In addition to the two fitness bands in different strengths, the set includes a loop that makes it easier to attach the band to a suitable fixed point.

In addition, you get a printed exercise manual with helpful exercises for the whole body.

What is synthetic polyisoprene?

Polyisoprene is a synthetically produced rubber that is very similar to natural rubber in its elasticity and properties. Polyisoprene is non-toxic and suitable for allergy sufferers.

Polyisoprene is mainly used in dentistry and is harmless to health.

What makes this fitness band better than others?

The ARTZT vitality exercise band PLUS has a textured surface and therefore has more grip even with sweaty palms. Multiple wraps are no longer necessary thanks to the non-slip surface.

Do I need to replace my exercise band at some point?

Yes, like any product made of natural or synthetic latex, the Exercise Band PLUS will eventually lose its elasticity and become brittle.

You should replace the band when the tension decreases, the material shows signs of fatigue or is damaged.

However, the durability of the Exercise Band PLUS is much longer than e.g. bands made of natural latex, which should be replaced after approx. three to six months to avoid tearing.

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