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Lumbago - How to get rid of lumbago

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Lifted the box of water too quickly and it happened. A shooting pain in the lower back. Getting up is almost impossible. The lumbago hit you. Medically it is also called lumbago, lumbalgia or lumbar syndrome. People between 20 and 65 are most often affected - almost every German at least once in their life. We will show you the causes and quick, pain-relieving exercises in this guide.


What is lumbago and how is it formed?
Lumbago or Herniated Disc - What's the Difference?
How long does a lumbago last?
What to do with lumbago?
Fast pain relief - which exercises help against lumbago?
Prevent lumbago - with targeted training
Neuro-athletic training for lumbago

What is lumbago and how is it formed?

When the witch hits you, you'll feel an acute pain in your lower back. All other movements are almost impossible. The shooting pain is the Consequence of already strained muscles . One wrong movement is enough and the muscles harden. In some cases, this not only leads to severe back pain, but also to restricted movement or sensor failures.

The most common causes of lumbago:

  • Jerky lifting
  • Wrong stoop
  • Unusual, fast movements (e.g. stretching or during sports)

Acute pain is often preceded by a long history of lack of exercise or persistent improper strain.

Lumbago or Herniated Disc - What's the Difference?

A herniated disc accounts for about 4% of back pain. In those affected, the pain radiates from the spine to the legs, depending on the severity of the incident, because not only the muscles but also the nerves are affected. With lumbago, only the muscles are affected and harden painfully. A safe clarification requires a visit to the doctor.

How long does a lumbago last?

Most of those affected can get up again after a short time - but a certain pain often remains for more than a week. If the lack of exercise or incorrect strain persists, the severe back pain can also last longer.

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What to do with lumbago?

The shooting back pain usually goes away itself within a short time. If you want to get rid of lumbago, the so-called Elevated positioning reduce the duration of the complaints . To do this, lie on your back on a flat, stable surface such as the floor. Place a pad under your lower legs so that there is a 90-degree angle in your knees and hips and your calves lie horizontally on the pad. This position relieves pressure on the lumbar spine and can relieve pain.

best take care, begin slow movements as soon as the pain subsides. Even the gentle step positioning can represent a one-sided movement that can lead to repeated lumbago. Short walks are recommended to help you get used to movement sequences again.

Another home remedy is heat. A hot water bottle, cherry pit pillow or heat ointment relax the muscles and contribute to a faster relief at.

If the pain persists, you should see a doctor to treat lumbago.

Fast pain relief - which exercises help against lumbago?

In addition to standing on stairs and taking slow walks, there are other exercises that help with lumbago:

  1. Lie flat on the floor and bend your knees. In this position, try to press your lumbar spine as flat as possible on the floor and stretch your legs more and more - millimeter by millimeter. The goal is for you to be able to fully stretch out your legs.
  2. Stretch the hip flexor. For example, by supporting yourself on a table with your hands, taking a step backwards and letting your pelvis gently "sag". Pay attention to your pain threshold and only stretch as far as you can.
  3. Cobra variant from yoga. To do this, lie flat on the floor on your stomach, support your forearms so that your elbows and shoulders form a straight line and raise your upper body slightly. Hold this position for a few seconds.
  4. Cat-Cow helps re-mobilize your spine. Get on all fours - back straight. As you inhale, tilt your head back and arch your back slightly. As you exhale, make a "cat's hump" and gently suck in your belly button. Repeat 10-15 times.
  5. flank rotation. For this stretching exercise, stand up straight and hold a gym stick in both hands and stretch your arms overhead. Now lean slightly to the left with stretched arms, hold this position for a few seconds and then lean slightly to the right. Gently pull in your stomach to stabilize your back.

Prevent lumbago - with targeted training

Lumbago and other types of back pain can be actively prevented through targeted regular training . Just a few minutes a week are enough to actively strengthen your back and largely avoid pain. In this video we show you 8 effective exercises that you can easily do at home.

Neuro-athletic training for lumbago

To put it simply, with neuroathletics you can ensure that your mind and body work together properly again. Pain in the neck can, for example, be caused by tension in the eye muscles. And like any other muscle, relaxing it can take away the pain.

In the following video we show you 3 neuroathletic exercises that you can try at home if you have lumbago:

By the way: If you would like to learn more about neuro-athletic training, please visit our ARTZT neuro partner shop!

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