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Rubber Band Set

Rubber Band Set

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Perfect for stomach, legs buttocks

Small, light, space-saving: With the ARTZT vitality rubber bands, your own little Theraband workout is always with you. Whether at home, in the studio or on vacation: The ARTZT vitality rubber bands enable exercises for torso stabilization, muscle strengthening or simply warming up - anytime, anywhere.

The practical set contains all five available strengths: light, medium, strong, extra strong and extra strong. From rehabilitation to strength training, you are well prepared for all training situations!

What is a mini band?

The Mini Band is a closed loop band that is perfect for training small muscle chains. This includes, for example, your thighs or upper arms. But it can also cause more stress during training with full-body exercises such as leg raises or upper body rotation.

How are rubber bands used?

The rubber bands are small, light and fit in every pocket. They are perfect for the home gym, on the go or in the office for:

  • Home workout
  • mobility training
  • athletic training
  • stretching

The practical set contains all five available strengths. From rehabilitation to strength training, you are well prepared for all training situations!

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Product features

Finde das richtige Rubber Band für dich:

  • Gelb | Leicht - bis 2,3 kg: Therapie und Pflege sowie in der Rehabilitation nach Verletzungen
  • Rot | Medium - bis 4,5 kg: Therapie und Rehabilitation, im spielerischen Kindertraining, im Präventionstraining
  • Grün | Schwer - bis 5,4 kg: Allrounder für Freizeit und Sport sowie für das fortgeschrittenen Rehabilitations- und Präventionstraining 
  • Blau | Sehr schwer - bis 7,3 kg: Anspruchsvolles Band für Freizeit und Sport
  • Schwarz | Extra schwer - bis 8,2 kg: Kraftsport und intensives Fitnesstraining




Dimensions with the rubber band lying flat: 25 x 5 cm
Loop diameter: approx. 20 cm

Scope of delivery

1 x rubber band per color

Care instructions

Easy cleaning with soap and water. Then let it air dry and then powder it with baby powder, for example.

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