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Acupressure Set

Acupressure Set

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Acupressure at home

With the ARTZT vitality acupressure mat and the matching pillow, you can easily treat acupressure points yourself at home. Acupressure with the needle mats is said to help with stress and pain, to calm and relieve tension.

A total of over 5,000 golden needles in the Flower of Life pattern ensure that the back and head area is covered over a large area. They are made of extra-tough ABS plastic that has been melted directly into the material. No adhesives were used.

Why acupressure?

With this treatment method of traditional Chinese medicine, the circulation is stimulated by stimulating the thousands of needles. Just a few minutes should help to relieve tension and reduce stress.

Athletes also benefit from the needle pricks: the pressure massage is intended to promote the quality of sleep and promote regeneration after sport. However, it should always be noted that the effectiveness of acupressure mats has not yet been proven in scientific studies.

sustainable material

This acupressure massage set almost exclusively uses biological materials. The outer material of the mat and pillow is made from 100% cotton. Underneath is a pillow that contains the filling. Linen and organic cotton are used here. The acupressure mat is filled with coconut fiber and the acupressure cushion is filled with kapok.

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Product features

  • Massiere Akupressurpunkte auf Rücken, Nacken und Kopfbereich einfach zu Hause
  • Selbstmassage mit über goldenen 5.000 Nadeln
  • Behandle Verspannungen, Schmerzen und Stress einfach selbst
  • Für Sportler: Bessere Regeneration und mehr Schlafqualität dank Akupressur
  • Anzahl der Nadeln: 4199 (Matte) und 969 (Kissen)

Hinweis: Die Wirksamkeit von Akupressurmatten und -kissen ist studienwissenschaftlich nicht belegbar.


Inner material: inner cushion made of 100% cotton with filling made of coconut fiber (mat) or kapok (cushion)


Size mat: 72 x 44 x 2 cm
Pillow size: 40 x 30 cm

Scope of delivery

1 x mat, cushion, transport bag each

Care instructions

If necessary, you can simply wash the mat and pillow with warm water and then air dry. Avoid direct sunlight to protect the plastic needles. Please do not wash your acupressure set in the machine.

You can use a small brush or a damp cloth to clean the spikes.

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