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Bioswing swing stick

Bioswing swing stick

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Get fit

The ARTZT vitality Bioswing is a versatile training device for strength and coordination training. It enables a full-body workout through neuromuscular activation of the leg, buttocks, hip, chest, back, arm and shoulder muscles and thus ensures a special strengthening of the deep-seated muscles.

Infinitely adjustable resistance

Thanks to the manually adjustable frequency controller and four weights, the swing resistance can be infinitely adjusted and thus easily adapted to individual needs. A handle with integrated damping elements reduces joint stress.

How does Bioswing work?

Bioswing consists of specially tested high-tech spring steel, which is also used in the automotive industry. This material is almost unbreakable and elastic. The special feature: damping elements on the handle ensure that the stick responds softly to movements. They reduce the punctiform stress on the wrist and thumb joint.

The further out the frequency controls are, the easier the exercises can be performed. As a result, Bioswing enables effective training for both beginners and ambitious athletes.

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Product features

  • Trainiert die tiefliegenden Muskelgruppen
  • Vier einstellbare Gewichte für jedes Fitnesslevel
  • Gewicht: 611 g
  • Maximale Schwungamplitude: 50 cm
  • Stufenlose Einstellung der Belastungsintensität von 3,2 bis 4,4 Hz
  • Made in Germany


Stainless steel from the automotive industry


Length: 150cm

Scope of delivery

1 x Bioswing Carry Case

Care instructions

If necessary, wipe with a damp cloth.

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    Made in Germany

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