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Wobblesmart XL Balance Trainer

Wobblesmart XL Balance Trainer

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The height-adjustable balance board

6 in 1 - the new ARTZT vitality Wobblesmart XL is a balance board made of wood with a non-slip tread surface, which you can adjust to six positions with a simple twist: from a large diameter (for beginners) to a small diameter (maximum instability).

The Wobblesmart is made of real beech wood and, thanks to its plastic base and non-slip surface, also offers maximum safety during balance training. The height varies between 65 mm (level 1) and 80 mm (level 6) depending on the difficulty setting.

XL variant with maximum training variety

The unique shape of this innovative balance trainer is reminiscent of a surfboard or a skateboard. The length of the tread of 75 cm allows you to do balance exercises in a wide stance or in a slight lunge. The two recessed grips ensure a better grip during stability exercises in support or quadruped or serve as fixed points for the exercise band PLUS or Super Band. You can even do resistance training while standing on the Wobblesmart XL.

The large Wobblesmart is therefore perfect for:

  • balance training
  • coordination training
  • weight training

What does balance training do?

Balance and stability training has been shown to improve stability, especially when training on one leg. Improved stability also improves posture and reduces the risk of falling. This is how you get through everyday life stable and safe!

Quality made in Europe

The Wobblesmart is produced entirely in Europe. This benefits the quality: the material composition and manufacturing processes have been optimized, making the balance board even better and more robust. Just like the smaller Wobblesmart therapy top, the XL is assembled by hand in Germany in our in-house wood factory.

You already have experience in balance training and are looking for new challenges? Then take a look at the ARTZT vitality Balance Board .

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Product features

  • Perfekt für das Training von Kraft, Koordination und Gleichgewicht
  • Noch mehr Übungsmöglichkeiten im Ausfallschritt, im schulterbreiten Stand sowie im Ober- oder Unterarmstütz
  • Griffmulden dienen auch als Fixpunkte für dein Fitnessband
  • Komplett in Europa gefertigt
  • Maximale Belastbarkeit: 120 kg
  • 5 Jahre Garantie


wood (surface), plastic (variable underside)


Height between 65 mm (level 1) and 80 mm (level 6)

Scope of delivery

1 x wobble smart


Care instructions

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    Made in Germany

    Regional final production in medium-sized companies

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    Sustainable product

    Made from natural raw materials

Frau steht im Ausfallschritt mit dem rechten Fuß auf dem ARTZT vitality Wobblesmart XL


Did you know that balance training can reduce the frequency of falls and secondary injuries?

When you train with Wobblesmart, you also have to keep your balance during each exercise.

This also strengthens the muscles and promotes stability, so you can stand safely with both feet in life.

Portraitbild von Prof. Dr. Urs Granacher | ARTZT vitality

"The ARTZT vitality Wobblesmart therapy gyroscope can be used to gradually increase BTD (balance task difficulty) in balance training. These findings could be helpful to optimise individual balance training programmes in the areas of rehabilitation and athletic development."

Prof. Dr Urs Granacher, Head of the Chair of Exercise and Movement Science at the University of Potsdam


Wobblesmart is produced entirely in Europe. This benefits the quality: material composition and manufacturing processes have been optimised, making Therapiekreisel even better and more robust.

The final assembly takes place in our own wooden factory.

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    Felix Artzt

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