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Lose weight with a hula hoop

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Are you dreaming of a slim waist, more mobility and want to lose a few pounds? Then we recommend a newly launched fitness tool that you may already know from your childhood: the hula hoop, which became a cult and protected trademark of the US toy company Wham-O. in the late 1950s , was, is experiencing a renaissance as a serious training device.


Is hula hoop really that effective?
What good does a hula hoop do?
How often should I train with the hula hoop?
Hula Hoop - How do I do it right?
Hula hoop exercises for advanced users

Is hula hoop really that effective?

And whether! The colorful plastic tire is by no means just a sporty toy, but really packs a punch when it comes to fitness training and fat burning. And the best thing of all: "Hullern", i.e. you can train anywhere with the hoop spinning around your hips and waist: whether for home training, in the office or now outside in summer, the new models can be put together very quickly and just as quickly put back into the pocket, so you can take it with you anywhere.

What good does a hula hoop do?

As the name hula, a Hawaiian dance that involves swinging the hips, and hoop, make clear, hot hoop training isn't just about the hips, waist and core to make it flexible and flexible. A regular workout also ensures strong abdominal muscles, tight connective tissue and an upright posture - the bottom line is that the whole body is in constant motion. Strength training that also includes a lot of “cardio” and boosts fat burning.

Where hardwood tires from the gym used to do their job, today you can also choose to use real high-tech rings. These are often available in a variety of weights, providing the right amount of weight for beginners through to advanced hula athletes.

Not only beginners appreciate the soft padding and the massage effect created by the special inside of such fitness tires. Light, thin plastic tires, on the other hand, slide down very quickly, causing bruises on elbows and hips and are only enjoyable for really experienced users.

How often should I train with hula hoops?

In a crisp 30-minute workout with the hoop, you can use up a whopping 250 kilocalories and work up a good sweat - as a home fitness trainer, you can even watch TV in the evening. The brisk and even rhythmic movement trains endurance without running, jogging or kicking.

So if you train once a day, also to great music, you can easily "hull" down 1,500 calories a week. With quite visible results in abdominal fat, because not only is it less, but the remaining parts are also much tighter!

Hula Hoop - How do I do it right?

It sounds as if "Hullern" or "Hooping" are the means of choice to get to the dream figure for little money with a lot of fun and rhythm in the blood. However, as most of you will remember, it takes a bit of skill until the hoop circles the middle of the body in a relaxed manner. But don't despair: here, too, practice makes perfect.

To begin with, it is sufficient to let the fitness hoop constantly rotate around the middle of the body for a few minutes. The momentum is created less by gently circling the hips than by rhythmically moving the hips back and forth while the core muscles are constantly firm; the knees are slightly bent, if you want to feel more secure, put one foot slightly forward.

Proper body tension and a straight posture are necessary for the tire to stay up. And it is precisely this body tension that turns hulling or hooping into strength training that penetrates deep into the muscles – a slim waist guaranteed! Important: keep your arms up so that you don't get in the way of the rotating hoop.

Hula hoop exercises for advanced users

Anyone who thinks that cardio or strength training with the ring is boring is wrong: resourceful athletes are always finding new variations, starting with walking slowly forwards with bent knees - the bottom and leg muscles send their regards - to the extreme version, namely a plank between two platforms with a circling hoop around the middle of the body. Oh yes, and for starters it's enough to try it the other way around: if you always turn to the right, try it to the left and vice versa. A real challenge for body and mind. And someone else is talking about children's toys?

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“Wo wird der Fitnessreifen gefertigt? Kommt er aus dem Ausland?”

Hallo Angelika,

der Fitnessreifen wird in China produziert. Ist nicht ideal, wissen wir. Wir arbeiten kontinuierlich daran, die Produktion von vitality-Produkten komplett auf (nachhaltig) Made in Europe umzustellen.

Viele Grüße


Wo wird der Fitnessreifen gefertigt? Kommt er aus dem Ausland?

Angelika Langhans

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